Recent Openings

Network Engineer

Altus network engineers have no boundaries when it comes to Information Technology (IT). We serve essential roles to ensure that every facet of IT is properly engineered, integrated, supported and more importantly, aligned with our clients’ business requirements. We embrace industry standards as the foundation to our approach at designing modern network architectures, while remaining focused at enabling systems and applications to function securely, effectively and efficiently. Our engineers apply a systematic approach to solving complex networking challenges in rapidly changing IT environments.

We are eager to share our expertise with our clients and identify opportunities to modernize traditional infrastructures by enabling smooth transitions into virtualization technologies and migrations into cloud services when applicable.

We seek self-driven network engineers that continuously learn about the numerous challenges/trends facing the IT industry while bringing forth creative ideas that help solve problems and add value to our clients.

Software Engineer

Altus software engineers are highly sought after for their expertise in application development, cloud services delivery, and software testing.  Our software engineers and software testers work closely with clients to clearly define system and software requirements necessary to solve their complex technical challenges.  As part of the normal application development cycle, the software engineers produce necessary system documentation to include items such as flow charts, data dictionaries and build and deployment scripts.

In addition to software development, we also employ highly skilled software test engineers.  The software test engineers create and execute test plans to ensure that the application meets the customer’ requirements.

Cyber Engineer

Our Cyber Engineers are experts in areas including information security, computer and network defense, penetration testing and computer forensics. While these descriptions cover a wide range of capabilities, Cyber Engineers are highly technical within their area of expertise and provide a range of products and services including but not limited to: reverse engineering, active and passive malware analysis, incident handling and reporting products, security product development, and red team and blue team services.   Certifications we look for amongst candidates include OSCP, CEH, GIAC, and CISSP. Most importantly, our Cyber Engineers are highly creative and slightly devious individuals who ply their talents for good.

Systems Engineer

System Engineers are responsible for maintaining a strong awareness of technical trends in information technology, and leverage that knowledge to design, deploy, and sustain complex systems.  They provide strategic and tactical planning and engineering support for projects and their responsibilities are dependent on their level of expertise.

Subject Matter Expert (SME) level personnel are recognized experts who are assigned to specific high risk or complex projects, but also mentor junior personnel and provide ad-hoc support to other projects when needed. A SME-level systems engineer leads engineering activities of teams, are assigned to large complex projects, and support the preparation of cost and schedule estimates.

An Expert-level systems engineer leads engineering activities for smaller less complex projects and support the preparation of cost and schedule estimates for those types of projects.

A Senior-level systems engineer supports engineering activities and may be responsible for all engineering support for small projects.

Full Performance and Developmental systems engineers are responsible for supporting larger projects under the guidance of more experienced System Engineers and may be the engineering resource for simple projects or less complex tasks.  This category includes but is not limited to the following roles: Data Architect, Help Desk, Knowledge Management Specialist, Network Engineer, Quality Assurance Manager, Systems Analyst, Systems Architect, Systems Engineer and Technical Consultant.