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Altus Employee Benefits

Altus Retirement Contribution:

Paid Leave:


Cigna Health Insurance, three options:

Guardian DentalGuard Preferred PPO – premium paid by Altus

Principal VSP Vision – premium paid by Altus

3X annual compensation Guardian Group Term Life Insurance, up to $500k, with $500K guaranteed issue – annual compensation true-up so the premium is effectively paid by Altus3

$12,000/Month (Maximum) Guardian Long-Term Disability (LTD) Insurance, 60% annual compensation replacement, but untaxed – annual compensation true-up so the premium is effectively paid by Altus3

$3,000/Week Guardian Short-Term Disability (STD) Group Insurance, 66.67% annual compensation replacement, but untaxed – annual compensation true-up so the premium is effectively paid by Altus3

$2,700 Medical Flex Spending Account (FSA) and $5,000 Flex Dependent Care Account (DCA), the IRS maximum benefit, employee contributions only

Declining Insurances: You have the option of declining Altus’ health, dental and vision benefits if you have access to these benefits through another source (i.e., you are not un-insured, but are on a partner’s plan, or individually secured plan such as the Exchange). If you decline medical coverage, Altus will add compensation to your annual gross salary. If you lose your medical coverage during employment, you may join Altus’ health, dental and vision plans, and adjust your salary based on cost at that time. Note that to join Altus’ health plan later, you must have a qualifying event to join any of Altus plans mid-benefit year, details provided separately.

Tuition Reimbursement / Training:

In-State tuition (or equivalently priced) is provided for college classes or work related training that Altus management deems to be of value to your current job description, or any job description that would be beneficial to both the employee and the company. Higher education and training is strongly encouraged and supported by Altus, but not all tuition provides the necessary value. We cannot pay full tuition for Ivy League degrees, for example, but we could contribute a fair portion if you choose this route.

Other tuition reimbursement (quality of life, hobbies, etc. classes/training) will be considered on a case-by-case basis, but is neither expressly approved nor denied


  1. In the first three years of employment each employee accrues 300 hours PTO. Of the 300 hours, 88 hours of leave each year are either taken or lost each year. This policy is in place to promote the use of at least 2 weeks of vacation, plus your birthday, for quality of life concerns. That leaves 212 Hours of annual leave you can accrue each year (after year 3 you could accrue 252, year 5+ could accrue 312) which can be cashed out at the end of the calendar year at your hourly rate, or rolled over to the next year as available leave, to a maximum balance of 15 weeks, or 600 hours total accrual. No more than 600 hours total accrual can be carried over from year-to-year.
  2. Insurances premiums for the base Silver plan and the Gold plan are paid in full (100%) by Altus. Altus contributes to the Employee’s HSA with the Silver plan only. The Platinum plan requires pre-tax employee contribution to premiums. Plan features are detailed in Altus’ Benefit Book.
  3. These insurance policies are mandatory, and paid out of employee post-tax salary, which is necessary for the benefits paid out to be tax free. Details of these plans are outlined in other documentation, available upon request. Cost of disability and life insurances are based upon age and salary, but has yet to be determined for your exact age and salary at this time. However, it is expected to be no higher than $1,900/year. The negotiated and agreed upon base salary in this contingent offer letter includes the amount required to “true-up” your salary for these premiums so that Altus is effectively paying the premiums. These true-up funds will neither be reduced in the future if the policy premiums decrease, nor will they be increased if the premiums increase.

Note: All benefits listed are currently provided by Altus Consulting Corporation to all full-time employees, but any or all benefits can be revised, altered, increased, reduced, or removed at any time at the sole determination of management.